For what ages/grades do the Vikings host teams?

The Vikings currently host teams divided by grades as follows:

BOYS: K/1; 2/3; 4/5     GIRLS: K-1; 3-5; 6-8

Are the Vikings a competitive club?

Yes, as one of the first and oldest lacrosse programs in LA, Vikings has a very long history of success.  We find that the success our Vikings teams and our children have comes from the shared desire to learn, to work hard, to be a part of a team, respect the game and to have fun.  We encourage positive performance over winning and our coaches all work hard to make lacrosse and your child’s Vikings experience fun, regardless of skill or experience.  It’s an easy formula: if the kids are having fun and learning they usually win.

In which league do the Vikings play?

During the Winter season, the Vikings teams play in the West LA Lacrosse League.

During the Spring season, all Vikings girls teams play in the Pacific Edge Lacrosse Association and all boys teams play in the LAYLL.

During the Summer and Fall the Vikings offer a tournament team play for boys through the Berserkers.

Where is the practice schedule posted and where do we practice?

Our practices are always at Airport Park, a pristine turf field that is perfect for lacrosse. Practices are generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 until 7:00 PM (though we ask our kids to be at the field by 5:15 to gear up and get ready so that practice can begin precisely at 5:30).

Where is the game schedule posted?

The game schedules are listed under the “Team Schedules” tab on the home page and are always listed in a weekly newsletter that goes out to all Vikings families on Thursday afternoons each week during the Winter and Spring seasons.

Where will games be played?

Our winter-season games will be played at any of the following fields: Santa Monica High School, Mar Vista Recreation Center, Westchester Recreation Center and Culver City High School.

During the Spring season, the fields are the same for the boys.   All girls teams play their games at: Campus El Segundo with the exception of the middle school girls team which also play at the following fields: Santa Monica HS; Redondo Union HS;  Palos Verdes HS; Glendale HS.

Why are the registration fees different for different age groups and for girls/boys?

The fees are different because the costs vary by age group. The youngest age groups, K/1 boys and K/1/2 girls teams, only practice once per week and have one referee at games, while our older teams practice two times per week and have two referees at games. All teams have paid coaches; the registration fees are intended to reflect the disparities in operating costs.

Fees for league participation (i.e. WLALL, PELA, LAYLL) are set by the respective leagues and fees for older teams are always more than they are for the younger teams.

Do the Vikings offer scholarships?

YES! If our fees are too much to fit into your budget, please request assistance. The Vikings are committed to giving boys and girls the chance to play lacrosse, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. If you need a scholarship (partial or full), please send an email to veryfastpig@earthlink.net and we’ll follow up.

Why does my child need a US Lacrosse membership?

US Lacrosse is the national governing body of youth lacrosse.  Nearly every program in the country requires USL membership for a number of reasons not the least of which is the insurance policy that covers all players and coaches who participate.  Each of the leagues in which our Vikings kids participate requires USL membership for every player.  In order for our teams to register and compete in each of the leagues, every child on the field participating MUST be a USL member.

USL Membership is separate from any Vikings registration fees.

I checked with U.S. Lacrosse and my child’s membership is current, but the registration system is directing me to renew my child’s U.S. Lacrosse membership. What gives?

This is a common issue. The system will not accept a registration unless the player’s U.S. Lacrosse membership is valid through the end of the season, to make sure that the player is covered (this means until March 1, 2015). For example, if a player’s U.S. Lacrosse membership expires on January 30, the system will require renewal. If you follow the link to renew your child’s U.S. Lacrosse membership, it will then allow you to complete the Vikings registration. The renewal will extend your U.S. Lacrosse membership for an entire year from the current expiration date, not just a year from the time of registration.

What do registration fees pay for?

Registration fees pay for:

Field space; equipment; league fees; banking fees, administrative costs (such as the website), and professional coaches. The parent coaches and other volunteers are not paid anything, so your registration fees reflect the actual costs of running our teams. The Vikings are a non-profit, and other than the stipends paid to professional coaches, the rest of us are volunteers.

Do the Vikings provide rental equipment?

Each player needs to bring his or her own equipment to practices and games.

We recommend the following options which may be seen and purchased here:


Use the discount code VIKINGS30  to get 30% off of your purchase.

Where do I send my payments?

Santa Monica Vikings Youth Lacrosse

1223 Wilshire Blvd.
Box 255
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Can I make a tax-deductible donation to the program?

Yes! Any donation is tax-deductible as we are a non-profit public charity. Our tax ID is # 45-5427779.

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