Vikings Families!

The start of our winter Vikings lacrosse season is upon us. This winter, we are excited to run the winter league in house.

In cooperation with our partners at Dragons, Vikings will be managing the Westside Sixes lacrosse season.

Games will begin Saturday, January 20th and continue through the weekend of February 24.

Sixes is an exciting variation on our beloved game and is picking up a lot of supporters and participants because it is the format that will be played in the 2028 Olympic games.

The Westside Sixes winter league will be a fun, developmentally structured season designed to provide each athlete with the greatest opportunity to advance their skill set from beginners to advanced players.

We are excited to welcome you back onto our fields for an exciting and productive winter season that will prepare our kids for a competitive spring season. The spring season will be a return to the traditional format of lacrosse and we are confident that a winter season of sixes will prepare all of our players for growth.

For information on how the game of Sixes is played, please see the below linked videos which USAL and World Lacrosse have produced to introduce the game to its members and followers throughout the country.